Wexford Plaza 
Shopping Center

10624 Perry Hwy
Wexford, PA

Mon thru Thur:
9am - 9pm

Fri thru Sat:
9am -10pm




In addition to selling cases of beer, we also sell kegs in three different sizes: 1/2 BBL, 1/4 BBL, and 1/6 BBL.
A half (1/2) barrell keg is 15.5 gallons, about equal to 7 cases, or about 165 12oz beers.
A quarter (1/4) barrell keg is 7.75 gallons, about equal to 3.5 cases or about 75 12oz beers.
A sixtel (1/6) barrell keg is 5.2 gallons, about equal to 2.5 cases or about 55 12oz beers.

A $30 deposit is added to all kegs. This money is returned to you when you return the empty keg.

We also rent taps to use with the kegs. The rental fee for a tap is $4, as well as a $45 deposit that is returned to you when you return the tap.

Home or Banquet Facility Delivery

In addition to our Wexford Beer Retail Store, we offer home delivery for your parties and events.  Just call us at least 24 hours in advance to be scheduled for your delivery (which can include set up of your taps, tubs and ice if you prefer).  A very reasonable delivery fee of $30 is added to your order based on your location.  Wexford Beer delivery area includes Wexford, Cranberry Township, Ingomar, Franklin Park, Marshall Township, Pine Township, North Park and Bradford Woods.

Restaurant and Tavern Delivery

Wexford Beer Distributor provides top-quality delivery service to several restaurants and taverns in the area.  We are strategically located to make deliveries up to 3 times per week to allow the restaurant or tavern to manage a “just in time” inventory.  We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by making deliveries on weekends and evenings, if necessary, to keep your beer well stocked.  Our Customer Service and Delivery Associates are courteous and professional and will offer you a very high level of service. Please contact Rajiv Enand at rajiv@wexfordbeer.com to inquire about pricing and services associated with restaurant and tavern deliveries.